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We develop smart/wearable assistive technologies (ATs) for promoting independence for people with disabilities.

Multifunctional intraORal Assistive technology (MORA)

Development of new concept of intra-oral assistive technology for people with high-level spinal cord injuries. We analyze the performance using MORA for various realistic conditions for activities of daily living.

Trace-free Tongue-Controlled Assistive Technology

“we designed and tested a tracer-free tongue-controlled AT based on multiple contact-based optical distance sensors, ambient light sensor, and multi-sensor data fusion algorithm. This new AT will address the Midas touch problem while retaining advantages of the contact-based approach.”

Wireless Multifunctional Wheelchair Interface

“we develop the wearable tracer-free tongue-controlled assistive technology, MORA, that can be utilized with the multifunctional feature using a custom designed wireless wheelchair interface via a smartphone app. .”

Quantitative Assessment of Tongue-Computer Interface

“We designed the Fitts' law and Steering law based tasks on the computer, wheelchair, and virtual reality to evaluate the performance of the users.”

Overview Research Overview:


Funded by Department of Veterans Affairs, Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology (SAHAT) and National Science Foundation (NSF: 1948503)


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